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BloomBoss LED Grow Light

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Since 2010, BloomBoss has been at the forefront of light spectrum technology. Producing smarter, higher quality, highly efficient, and cooler running LED grow lights, BloomBoss has established themselves as leaders in the industry.

BloomBoss’ PowerPanel LED™ Grow lights are a great alternative to traditional HID and HPS lights. The BloomBoss PowerPanel LED™ 16 Watt VEG & 32 Watt True Sun models provide a longer-lasting, more efficient, and optimized full spectrum light option that is ideal for leafy greens and herbs growth, as well as the propagation of seedlings and cuttings.

•     Long-lasting, rated for 50,000+ hours
•     50% more efficient than HID or HPS lights typically used in growing operations
•     Optimized Full Spectrum Light

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What is an “Optimized Full Spectrum Light”?


Simplified Light Spectrum chart

Spectrum 3

PowerPanel Smart Spectrum


Light is measured in wavelengths. These wavelengths correspond to the colours we see. During the process of photosynthesis, chlorophyll absorbs the wavelengths of light to produce energy. However, plants don’t just absorb all wavelengths of light, they actually prefer specific wavelengths for optimal growth. Our LEDs produce the optimal wavelengths the plant needs to produce energy, limiting waste and lowering energy consumption, while optimizing growth.

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